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Baskets for sale

A large Paiute winnowing tray with an old tag attached. Good condition. 23" x 20".

A 20" Hupa tray in good condition with a banded pattern. Hard to find this large.

A 16" Yurok flour tray in good condition. Collected by the author Minerva Starritt in the 1930's at Morek.
DS448 $850

An 11" Hupa open work basket tray. Very nice shape.
DS447 $125

A nice Klamath bowl 7" in very nice condition.
K101 $150

A large Yurok cooking basket 11 1/2" x 7" in good condition.
DS435 $950

A nice old Hupa or Yurok cooking basket in excellent shape. 10" x 5".
DS434 $700

A nice medium size Yurok or Hupa cooking basket. 9" x 4 1/2" in excellent shape.
DS433 $600

A nice old Yurok mush bowl 6" x 3 1/2" with a small amount of rim damage. Has a nice old note inside.
DS432 $275

A nice Hupa open work basket 6" x 3" in excellent shape.
DS431 $150

A nice hupa or Yurok mush bowl. 7" with a wear hole in bottom.
DS430 $185

A nice old Hupa or Yurok cooking basket in excellent shape. 9" x 7".
DS429 $750

A nice large Yurok or Hupa cooking basket in exellent shape. 10" x 6".
DS428 $850

An old and finely woven Hupa or Yurok basket. 6". Has the original price tag from the Trading Post. Has some minor water staining.
DS426 $350

A nice full size Yurok baby cradle. Unusual with the zig zag stick placement. Collected by Minerva Starritt at Morek in the 1930's.
DS422 $400

A very old Yurok eating bowl 6 1/2". Nice shape. Ex Huber collection
DS416 $295

A nice polychrome Hupa mush bowl. 7" and very good shape.
DS413 $325

A very nice beaded Washoe basket 3 1/2" X 1 1/2".
B600 $250

A nice Pit River Indian beaded sash. 32" x 2 3/4". Just minor bead loss expected for its age.
DS111 $175

20" Klamath Modoc Polychrome Basket tray.
B501 $3500

A Hupa mush bowl in good shape. 8"
DS325 $350

A Hupa or Yurok mush bowl in excellent shape. 7".
DS306 $300

An exceptional fine weave lidded Hupa basket. In very good condition. 7" wide 6" to top of knob. The inner ring of lid has been cracked and repaired. Only visible with close inspection.

A Hupa or Yurok Mush eating bowl. 7 1/2" fair condition as shown.

A very nice Pima oval basket 12" x 7".

A super fine Pima basket. 28 stiches per inch. Perfect condition. 5" X 1 1/2".

A Hupa or Yurok mush bowl 6" in nice shape has been used ethnographically.

A huge papago grain barrel basket. 18 1/2" tall.It is fairly solid but has condition issues. Mainly missing stitches on the shoulder and rim. Water damage to base. Still a hard to find basket from the Southwest.
A Great Basin Burden basket 13" x 12". B117$750

A Northern California Hupa Trinket basket 4 1/2" x 3"
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A Northern California Hupa Trinket basket in nice shape. 4" diameter. B119$275

A small 4 1/2" and intricate Central California Maidu basket.

A Great Basin Washoe basket very nicely woven in excellent shape. 8 1/2" x 4 1/2".

A Southwest Figural Apache Olla 9" tall x 8" wide. Excellent shape.
A super fine and rare Havasupai basket. 7" in great condition. B126$4750