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Beadwork for sale

A really nice old Sioux beaded club. 18" and good condition.

A nice c1880 Sioux beaded ceremonial club 18". Very nice.
K314 $350

Plains Indian Bow, arrows and bowcase.
DS501 $2500

A Plains Indian Quilled knife sheath. The body is 9" and it's 25" from the top of strap to bottom of drop. It appears to have been coated with a shelac like substance at one time. DS452 $1200

A nice Plains Indian Beaded pouch as found. 5" x 4". Late 1800's.
K104 $110

A nice Northern California beaded sash. 32" x 2 3/4". Just minor bead loss expected for its age.
DS111 $200
A Northern California beaded triangular pouch with strap. These are a rare type from N. Calif. Approx. 6" tall X 5" wide. P204$650