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Beadwork for sale

A Sioux Pemmican pounder. 14 1/2". c1880.
K107 $195

A small Plains Indian possibly Praire beaded wallet. 5" x 2 1/2" as found. Late 1800's.
K105 $95

A nice Plains Indian Beaded pouch as found. 5" x 4". Late 1800's.
K104 $110

A nice little pair of beaded moccasins. Probably Ojibway. From a Canadian estate and told that they belonged to a Geo. Willoughby who was born in the 1860's. 5" in nice original condition.
K103 $150

A nice little Beaded Pit River rectangular pouch with strap. Shows some wear from use. Priced accordingly.
DS426 $295

A beaded ornament possible from a Great Lakes saddle.
DS407 $185

A Nez Perce contour beaded flat bag 17 1/2" x 15 1/2" in perfect shape. Rebacked expertly with period materials.
CH002 $975

A Klamath beaded pouch. 9" with fringe and excellent condition.
DS319 $200

A nice Great Lakes beaded belt or sash. 48" x 2 1/2". Nice condition. One spot where some beads are loose as pictured.

A nice Great Lakes beaded sash or belt on canvas 40" x 5".

A Great Lakes Chippewa Indian Beaded belt 34" x 2 3/4". Very nice shape with a greasy yellow background.

A beaded armband or something of the sort. 14 1/2" x 2". Nice shape as pictured.

A beaded fob says Neopit. Nice shape.
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c1885 Plains Pipe and beaded pouch collected by Owen Boggess Indian Agent Lame Deer Agency. Here is an excerp from "Fifty Years of Peace" where Boggess is mentioned. "O. M. Boggess, formerly superintendent of the Mescalero Reservation, writes: "I knew him very well, indeed. He was an excellent citizen, had a satisfactory home, and was favorably known to both the reservation Indians and to the white residents of Otero County." The Reverend Richard Harper, also, who was missionary at Mescalero, and saw much of Chatto,"


A nice Great Lakes beaded sash. 28" x 3". Excellent condition.
DS110 $225

A nice Northern California beaded sash. 32" x 2 3/4". Just minor bead loss expected for its age.
DS111 $200
A Northern California beaded triangular pouch with strap. These are a rare type from N. Calif. Approx. 6" tall X 5" wide. P204$650